21 April 2009

Elemental Pairs,, From Solffegio Lo Shu ;)

By L G W Burton

As always tradition can take
the side line.. (for a while)
and playtime can begin.

Into this work we have come across a
few ways of pairing (base pairs, x's, polar pairs)
and covered only some (loads more to show)
of the many relationships that seem to occur in our
Solfeggio Magic Squares

Pairing of the Ancient Elements..A few ways to consider in our unrestricted style,
We can.. pair just the two Elements,
or start and join from 6-1 to 7-2 to 8-3 to 9-4 5
We can sigil fro 1-9 or in order 567891234

BUT FORGET ALL OF THAT (for a while)as it sounds confusing.. maybe

HERE we will simply join the two matched Elements.

3 and 8 Wood
4 and 9 Metal

5 Earth
6 and 1 Water
7 and 2 Fire

original Lo Shu

Elementary Pairs joined in the above..
Please ignore the sigil [bottom left]

Here is the chart from before;
Our basic Solffegio connection. side by side for comprehension only.
underlined numbers are central of mod 9 Three orders.

have a cool day.

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