29 August 2009

7oct update The Well.

Double tap all pics, for close up. 
The Original Well Magic square Matrix

The well.. properties are not the same as the lo shu matrix Magic squares.

Still magic though there are differences to be addressed.

The sum of Rows Columns and Diagonals are very interesting.
The middle rows and columns go with the diagonal sum,
but the outer columns and rows offer what is clear on this chart below.

A little different this one! Kinda like a guide to mod 9 pairings! Axiom remains the same for well series c type arrangements [see new work] x3 repeating flip flop packets. double every well digit for other wells - not vorticity wells!
As columns and outer rows provide binary progressive progressions in the perpendicular as other field matrix's. Doubling three times brings us back to ch1 inverted = binary twin exchange.

Everything links much as we expect.Those familiar with pairs,
look at the 9 center magic square.

27 August 2009

UPDATED lo shu and new shu toriods...QUALITIES

So divinely is the world organized that every one of us,
in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

0 in centre. Yellow broken symmetry chart1

Blue group broken symmetry chart 3
All as valid as Marko's Abha as we found that also in chart 2'

Choose any 9 for Axis if you like?
2x and 7x table horizontal
5x and 4x table vertical
Yellow group Waves of 9
like Marko's if we drop a pebble in any number,
the concentric waves always add to 9? and... ...?

1x and 8x horizontal
2x and 7x vertical.
see more?
Do you see the patterns/opposals/values.. within the concentrics? These 3 link into a perpendicular doubling binary progression= every number doubles in expanding layers.
So divinely is the world organized that every one of us,
in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.

Johann Wolfgang von Goeth. check out his colour key

20 August 2009

The Missing Link, Introducing The New Shu Unification of All Solfege Magic squares..

no shu nu shu were labels only, sorry- yellow green purple orange and blue are now axis magic square group names.

from realising the lo shu was centre hub came the rest.
blue group
This chart from our last post,

Note: Every number passes through the 9 to its Polar Pair.Draw your own arrows! binary above
look to ba gua or new work for binary progressive reflections= balance.

see as individuals.e
Orientation and polarity.. fixed!
Seems this concentric Magic square,
slipped through our lo shu net!

...for a while. we read nu shu as blue group

The new BLUE  inner sphere order!
new shu as its inner circle, so we call this.

Unification of All AXIS
Solfege Magic squares.. and charts?
  flips, rotations and reflections.

19 August 2009

Green group well is magic vbm is not!! alarm bells? Real nested vortices = Ancient well.

Yellow Green and Blue groups.
See all magic squares are made of linear number lines, 9 digits one shared central position. [paul martyn smiths math is the only math that recognizes this, please google him.]

sorry for the confusing names. they were in discovery process..

All magic squares part of multiplication axis!!


Again ne/sw or it doesnt work as breaks a underlying symmetry.
Same radial numbers though vbm messed up any historical connection.

07 August 2009

Solfege/family number group Rodin axis from lo shu 9x9 Magic Matrix


Ignore the 7 bottom right of left hand grid; just spotted it! 
should be 1

This post is about the two bottom faces, so please look.
ignore polarity bs!
This is doubling and halving vertically..
please read the same chart horizontally
to see the mod9x tables!


Go to newer post for unified faces!