20 September 2009

Matrix unstitched ALL SHU AXIS POSITION

Axis spatial position of All Shu Magic Squares

True Magical Versatility
If this 5 magic square is center.. The outers, or in other words-EVERY Number passes through center 5 to its opposite, Adding together to always equal double!
5 double = 1

All squares do this!

The lo shu Matrix = Solfege chart 1..

UN-STITCHED! All magic squares have revealed a shared property, That when we add either side of center, we always get double! We are used to Binary Twins, the polar pairs, so stick them on the back burner! Here the pairs will simply add together to equal the double
of whichever center digit from 1-9 we choose All Magic squares follow the same Axiom!

They do not just double within the 3x3 individual square..

They double in concentric squares, balanced radially away from our center. All of our Magic squares, on all of our Magic Charts do this, but what would happen? If we un-stitched the strings from the Solfege spatial arrangement? Would there be a way to continue this CONCENTRIC trend with an alternate map other than solfege?
Yes! So, here un- stitching our solfege connection liberating the Magic squares to become true Individuals... for a while.. Then we stitched them together again! Only this time. In the orientation of the lo shu power 9 Magic square. Our question was... If we un-stitch from our solfege connected Matrix charts, losing the red yellow blue and green solfege string/wave connections, Do we still get the doubling of center across axis? that we are accustomed too?

In case this is not clear!

Centers Double
1 = 2
2 = 4
3 = 6
4 = 8
5 = 10 = 1
6 = 12 = 3
7 = 14 = 5
8 = 16 = 7
9 = 18 = 9

So the pairs either side of 5 for example will add to 1 when reduced,
being the Double value of center 5.. We add just the opposing pairs here, not the full concentric for now. The opposing pairs will go on forever, or as big as your chart is! Always doubling the center BUT Not to be confused with an actual Doubling progression!
This system doubles the center once and remains that total no matter how far down the ripples we row. Here is a quick look at the lo shu 5 Magic center.. That is still stitched with the
Solfege strings to remind us of the usual Doubling trend.The bigger digits show the outer value = double.
The red links show the pairings..

Hinting there are a lot more directions to consider
than the immediate 8 VECTORS surrounding the center.
So again.. All pairs add to equal Double center, no matter how far away from source.Now lets re-stitch in this lo shu 9 Magic order, to see what we find?

We lay this First mosaic in

9 - 4 = 5 ?

Mod9 x table vectors everywhere! Clearer in later posts.. time looking at this will show integer progressions unique to this chart- forget no shu- now this is chart 2 it contains mark rodins abha tile nested vortice [i would rather it didnt], with the radial numbers in the correct houses rather than guessed by Mark Rodin.pretty self explanatory though, so may not bother.
lo shu is now regarded as chart 1
axis amongst magic squares.