15 October 2009

In Out!

'The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, the sensible man hardly anything. '
Johan Van Goethe



Origin of Shu Vortex Axis..
Chart below shows, on the left, the [Solfege Spatial String chart.]

This is the first mosaic we arranged, based on the coloured strings,
that connect the solfege triads/Rodin family number groups(fng.)

We call these Groups Binary Trines
The order is akin to the mobeus strip, as the top and bottom rows
of the connected squares flip/switch at the halfway point ( after 3 squares),
then join at the ends as a closed system - forever cyclic. More to add to name groups, as individual squares flip also. The chart on the right is simply un-stitched
with the 3 exchanged for the 6, visa versa.
please get familiar with the axis below and notice the switch has changed our doubling towards center, to doubling away from center. in to out! Everything in its perfect place at last

Early work was strictly stitched charts as tyhis is how we found every square.
Liberation reveals All things.

Multiplication Axis is Correct this way. look at central spoke only- just early work!
speed past this bit look at the above below charts lower and pair through centre.

Think the 36s and 9s off to their own
magnetic? domain or morphogenetic moment? but that for your imagination.

The left doubles towards center
The right doubles away from center!

In liberating the squares back to individuals
we have found many mosaics; that will be added later.

Orientated by the spatial representation of each magic square.

This post however, is about what the Binary Twin Axis shows us.

Its about direction of doubling and shows
the perfect nesting of ALL SHU magic squares and Torus.

What the Axis brings!
The axis is produced from the middle rows of squares 693 or 396.
As well as other great methods. In laying the axis as to find our doubling order
in concentric circles, we find Also that. The order of the concentric doubling circles,
is identical to the order of the three 9 magic square,nested vortices from our
lo, no and nu shu magic charts!
[no and nu labels only.]

Said this before, but this is soooo important!

So please look at this compilation first.
It shows where the lo shu is in various axis.
Have a quick peek at the doubling halving chart top left
Now count horizontal with the x tables in mind!

Not to be confused with the Torus... for now!!
The lo shu is yellow!Horizontally we see with the upper axis
from middle lo,nu,no.. concentric magic square order, doubling towards center
below we see, from middle lo,no,nu.. concentric magic square order doubling away from center!.. So the first pictures below offer Dual vertical Flow.. maybe?
Can you see?
Middle lo remains static though is actually
180* out of phase.

did this to show vbm the axis relation

All Doubling in horizontally.
Vertical flow in synch! All same direction!
All Doubling out horizontally.
Vertical flow synch! All Same Direction!
remember these were for vbm [they are bullshit]