20 August 2009

The Missing Link, Introducing The New Shu Unification of All Solfege Magic squares..

no shu nu shu were labels only, sorry- yellow green purple orange and blue are now axis magic square group names.

from realising the lo shu was centre hub came the rest.
blue group
This chart from our last post,

Note: Every number passes through the 9 to its Polar Pair.Draw your own arrows! binary above
look to ba gua or new work for binary progressive reflections= balance.

see as individuals.e
Orientation and polarity.. fixed!
Seems this concentric Magic square,
slipped through our lo shu net!

...for a while. we read nu shu as blue group

The new BLUE  inner sphere order!
new shu as its inner circle, so we call this.

Unification of All AXIS
Solfege Magic squares.. and charts?
  flips, rotations and reflections.

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