03 March 2013

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

The lo shu is the ONLY 3 order magic square that uses mod 9 and REAL NUMBER.
Every other Magic square of 3 order is either mod 9 or real number and NEVER THE SAME.

Lo Shu is THE ONLY NOVEL 3 order. This alone renders vbm obsolete. Look on vbm? Page on loshumatrix site for confirmation as a help to aid the reader to move in the correct direction regarding math and order. A Historical direction rather than modern manipulation of the very first NINE EQUIDISTANT INTEGERS.
This will be the whole of The Law

-4321 n 1234+


In depth proofs loshumatrix

The magic square matrix is the orders from the lo shu series and any other such as the ones identical to rodins vbm topology are arbitrary therefore NOTHING to do with the Real lo shu works.

Please give this site a miss and go to the loshumatrix site, it is clearer.

thank you


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