27 November 2009

updated...phi 24 cyclic.. vortex mod9

Go to loshumatrix site. [Edited a lot of useless stuff out]

24 fib meets the three magic square vortex's

Above, how the 3 Ancient well patterns meet and entangle.
1 112358437189887641562819
2 224617865279775382134729
3 336966393369663933696639
etc etc etc
9 999999999999999999999999

Renewed from the back burner,
we looked at this in a post,
some things that may turn out to be no things!
back in August i think.

mod 9 fib24 cyclic vortex.

I Have Been warned about this! Though,
'As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.'

So! with respect.24 fibs Undone!
mirror binary twin tables xmod9 highlighted 1x, 2x etc times table!
9 The symmetric center ring of All.Though this should be flatland.

Fib String Theory ;)