14 March 2010

Ching: The Warp of a fabric.

Please remember 'Lo shu is the centre 5 only' produced by the ho tu.

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The labels on all charts are just that, - i used them in discovery process.

Sorry for not being clear about that.

they are now chart 1 2 and 3 and all contain wells. Ancient wells that is!

9 family squares per chart
27 unified as +1 -1 Binary integer matrix.

+ The Well 3x3 Magic squares, with a family of 9

The Vertical plains are all valid though the field here is a manipulation of the 123 phone pad field and not the GENUINE MAGIC SQUARE TILE MATRIX OF 3D.

Warp in a fabric

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Binary initial Radius Signature Progressions.

Its for you to look and see what 'you' think unbiased.

Not going with the maths side or history here, so please follow to

link to Paul Martyn- Smiths I ching math site.

thanks Paul for all the help so far...

Paper by Paul Martyn Smith and myself

Youtube page and review the 3 i ching Magic square/fractal vids

We start, with a paragraph borrowed from a book by M-L V Franz.

Number and Time. [1974]

When a modern quantum physicist approaches a system with quantitatively formulated matrices and searches, by experimental repetition, for ''probable'' numerical results, he is unconsciously making use of an ancient pattern of orientation originally revealed by the ''spirit'' [in the original sense of the word]. Gradually, however, this bit of 'spirit'' has come into possession of his subjective consciousness. by contrast, the use of a divinatory oracle represents an attempt to induce a spontaneous manifestation of the remaining autonomous spirit of offering him 'his'' speech, in terms of certain archaic numerical sequences, as a medium of expression.By means of the chance throw of coins or twigs, a ''hole'' is introduced into the field of consciousness through which through the autonomous dynamism of the collective unconscious can break in.

This setup can only lead to results if an archetype and its accompanying high charge of physical energy are already constellated in the unconscious. For this reason, all divinatory techniques operate with the warning they are only to be used in ''serious situations,'' and the question is never to be repeated in a spirit of frivolity.

In order to clarify the functioning of the I Ching oracle, Richard Wilhelm makes use, significantly enough, of the following image:

''The way in which the Book of Changes works can best be compared to an electrical circuit reaching into all situations. The circuit only affords the potentiality of lightning' it does not give light. But when contact with definite situation is established through the questioner, the ''current'' is activated, and the given situation is Illuminated''

In this passage Wilhelm also makes use of the same basic ''field'' image in order to portray an all-pervasive continuum emerging upon stimulation from its latent state to make its dynamic phases of transformation comprehensible through the agency of number.

Quoted: Wilhelm I Ching,I, 339 see also H.Wilhelm Change: Eight lectures on the I Ching [London1960]p15

''This designation Ching for the classic texts did not come into use until the 4th century B.C. when we first find it used by Chaung-tzu.

The word actually means the Warp of a fabric.''

page 226 Number and Time Marie-Louise von Franz.

ok, we look at vertical plane 7 n 2 only.

Trivia:The core 3x3x3 is 26 around 1 centre point = 13 Binary Twins.

The 3x3x9 core column is 80 around 1.

The 3x3x3 core numbers [as in video] are regarded as The Binary integer progression signatures. for the radiating vectors from point centre

13 Binary Twins Mirrored through centre point. From centre point of origin, the outward progression is 1 Grid square at a time ,so centre to centre of next cube along we will call here> The initial signature Radius. As above so below reminds us, that through centre, the other half of this radius will be sympathetic in its half equal and opposite Binary Twin equality.This is why we don't call it the 'initial diameter' the other half is through centre point simultaneously half equal.

All Signature numbers have a centre of their own. These signature number centres relative to centre point/origin, in the first order 3x3x3 core cube, are 1 Grid square from point. Therefore, progressions into the outer Domain respecting this grid position distance advance +1 Grid square. Below in chart we see the first 3x3x9 core control vector spray.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

''If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading''
''When i let go of what i am, i become what i might be''

Lao Tzu

note : The 3x3x3 core cube initial sigatures remain the only inner expression of all Binary Twin progressions, that remain confined within in the 9x9x9 concentric magic square bounded continuum. 3x3x3 expression Does not pass into the outer field Domain vectors... Every expression thereafter does!... or is met.

The orange outer 4 expressions clear in these charts.

All 27 Shu Magic squares are family related +1/-1 in order four groups c1 to 9. They are entangled together via a concentric boundary coaxial relation, 5s together on one layer of nine, level 5s +1 to level 6s, +1 to level all 7s, et al. The concentric lay out is the perfect 'triple' vortex not quadrouple due to third step magic squares centres in 9x9 mosaic. Ba-gua 8 spoke etc.

[oct 8 to hex 6 re the Ba-gua is another blog and represents a reality not seen until vid 13 on youtube edit 7,9,11], briefly: axis 396 entry/exit vectors unify as Ba-gua as on video]

The vertical plane charts: Only are looked at here.

The yellow core column as we know, is representative of the family of 9 magic squares containing the original Lo Shu 5, this 3x3x9 core control column has 9 or 0 as its lateral centre. Various initial Radius distances now, when we regard this entire columns digits as Initial Binary signatures into the outer Domain.

The next concentric out is Green, this Green nested order is representative of the No shu family magic square charts the nested vortices of Marko Rodin, the ABHA 9 THOUGH ORIENTATED CORRECTLY TO REMAIN MAGIC IS GREEN WELL C9 OR C0 05 C540 ETC

Marko ruined the magic and has no valid squares.

Its core column control 5x5x9 with varied initial Radius from centre point. Therefore progressions into the outer Domain will advance in these initial varied Radius distances, all vectors finding an outer core 0 start 9 end.

The white numbers above are to show that the Initial signature value, a 1 will progress tho the outer, 0 12345678 9

The third 396 concentric for a moment,

so above the 3x3x9 5x5x9 7x7x9 and 9x9x9 column signatures have destinations that all end in an outer core centre.

This continuum is as real as number itself, as real as the cosmos, with everything in it paired and counted where completely predicted.

The certainty principle.

The pictures here are of the one section only, Axiom holds throughout every number in all planes of the Multi ~ Verse... Many voices all sing Harmonic solo’s for the multi ~ versal hum of what the great Walter Russell may consider as '' his pictures explain what we have here 'The uni-versal One'; Rupert Sheldrake may find his Morphogenetic moment here also; as Milo Wolfe his standing wave? Nassiem could see his self learning universe that finds out about itself, maybe Bruce Liptons receiver transmitter New Biology would fit? David Ickes in-formation Matrix, + many more, though to be fair in respect to balance and to breath in, and out. The Great Robert Anton Wilson could maybe bring one back to ground levels by saying words to the spirit of... ''we must to be true, remember we do draw all the lines in quantum physics as we draw our the lines as streets on a road map..''

Yes we do draw the lines in quantum physics and also its a playground for the wordsmiths to profit in for sure.

Though the Magic squares and cubes Ba-gua et al.. The Two River diagrams... Do draw themselves! from the pattern of the Ho Tu to the lo shu, I Ching, to the rest.. As the rest Is History! As they say. Not His-story.. History! Myth may = Truth? after all?

9 step various Initial Radius Ratio's to come...

The initial Radius from point to Binary progression start signature governs the measure of each integer progression gap distance thereafter.

If you look at the 7 0 2 horizontal central layer you'll see the Initial signature and Radius distance is 9 grid squares repeated = destination 81 + Harmonic Above/Below, Binary Twin through centre for Diameter.

Thats nothing! look at this mosaic of the extra octets/quarts et all...

The initial radius Length of the chosen Binary progression start signature instantly tells how far your destination is away from your start point centre, as every digit ever selected as signature from the entirety of the continuum does always end in another core 3x3x3 centre. The Ancient Well starts with 0, ends on 9, all vectors borne from any number progression; no matter how far from point.

Your first advancement distance from 'Alpha centre', tells you where the outer 'Omega core' at end the progression is instantly and perfectly.

This works for all signatures, as all Binary progressions are 9 expressions starting from centre 9/0 it has to end as harmoniously as it began...

The great attractor?

Below a picture showing entire 9x9x9 can be regarded as initial signature Binary progressions, colour coded spray to the match to the core control column of their Initial signature. Verticals have not been added, update soon.

Trivia: The 9x9x9 Reticulation magic square cube:

Every house regardless of signature would total 729 digits, 728 around one point centre! 364 Binary Twin that could be regarded as new beginnings, All number potential signatures radiating on into the outer Domain!

Back with more: one subject at a time to be clear

link to plane vector stars for now, babylon david solomon loads more to add.

colours represent vectors

The field.



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