25 September 2013

Fractal vortex shu-niversal vector equilibrium field

''All truly wise thoughts have been thoughts already thousands of times; but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, till they take root in our personal experience. .''

Reminder of x table Polar Pair Mirror when 9 is central. One of Nine optional numbers.
123 Transitional field.

The above link, reveals our relation to the phone pad number field.
We learned two types of 'hyperthetical' vortex activation..

Spine rotation..
Rotate through 180 degrees

Rotate the half field through 180 degrees!
to gain our Lo shu Vortex Torus skin. Yellow group.
Stage 1: Dormant number field
Stage 2: Half field rotation vortex activation.

Same with the transition 123 to Blue group:
Stage 1: Dormant number field

Stage 2:Half field rotation vortex activation.
Stage 3: Spine concentric fractal activation.

Here, we will deal with The Spine activation
and realize how our concentric Bagua's Grow ad infinitus, inseparabilis!
We start to see number as Unified, Though separated fields!.
Please remember these are not trine mosaic map fields NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GENUINE HISTORICAL LO SHU DOCUMENT.These are phone pad fields.

The concentric Bagua is Perfect!
'To measure the Heavens and diversity's of Earth!'

Hex grid we see spoke relations between ALL number.
frorget the r=bs this was an era when was looking at New Jerusalem..

6 step Ratchet Orientations. Centre colour gives dominant group colour. Y G B.
The verticals 3 and 6 are colour coded to concentric shu for clarity here.
The last wheel; bottom right, connects to the First Wheel top left.
Stack them to infinity! Then JOIN THE DOTS!Above we connect the 1s the 2s the 3s et al, so lines of same number, change the helical handessness and you will get six 1 2 4 8 7 5 streams as series c magic square orders [google loshumatrix]

Above we see the 6 part ratchet cycle,

Cool, now mirror duality pairs
180 phase relation, groups polars
1 8
2 7
3 6
4 5
Please use your own instinct here, what do you see?Perfect 'Binary twin' reflections. hemispheric.

The Blueprint for your own study.. ignore the small circles between bagua.
Shrink print and please use. its in a cubic form so easier than it looks at 54.736 [look at series c cubic exmples of same nested hexagons] on loshumatrix.

I hope you see The Turtle!The Turtle rising from The depths of the Yellow River. [Yellow group]

The Legend of The Lo Shu.

To go further and realize true values,

Please follow this great work.

Confirmation that the work fits the I Ching perfectly.

From this edit: I will be incuding the work of Paul Martin Smith, please go to the link below.

See how far this goes and how Much it reveals

in Pauls lifetime of work.''Lo Shu is the Lo River (the written doc) placed on top of the lattice and binaries in the Ho Tu or Yellow River in 8 x 8, the Pattern is of The Well of The field to produce 9 x 9 and so one 10 x10''.

Here's a few. Pictures are far from perfect [before geogebra]

All part of the loshumatrix code. Plane found at 54.736 in series single colour 396693 [any colour group Y G P B]. Happy hunting.
vortex math has 3 three order non-magic squares. loshumatrix has 36 mod9 and the i ching has vmb as a part of the whole not visa versa. We unified the torus in octave video and we have the expression of lattice as the lattice is built of magic square trine remember this is one layer.
Do to all other what you do to self to Grow with the i ching = complete ancient maps. vmb welcome part with thanks to Marko also as pioneer of the vortex model that mirrors Pauls almost as has not found the 5th element. Please go to paul martyn smiths i ching math site. Heaven and earth binary images to integer Only defines full symmetry regarding pairs = 10 etc
This is as elemental pairs relate +5, now pairs 1 6, 2 7, 3 8, 4 9, and 5 the central Earth in the Ho To Yellow river map finds it pairing in the centre as illustrated with 10 = 15.
1 6 North Gate
2 7 South Gate
3 8 East Gate
4 9 West Gate
These pairs are odd and even Light and dark Heaven and Earth All odd numbers have 3 sold lines of Heaven and all even 3 broken Earth.
How can the same image represent more than one number? depends on gate.
1 in north gate = 6 why? add trigram lines bottom up, Pauls values
1+2+3=6 Now the pairing 6 its binary twin 6+12+18=36 we then create the family between = 8 trigrams then make a grid of 8x8 and arrange the family to get symmetrical pairs etc.
Now is South Gate with same all solid all broke parents 2 Earth and 7 Heaven
2+4+6=12 and 7+14+21=42 create the family in early heaven sequence.
East 3 Heaven 8 Earth 3+6+9=18 8+16+24=48
West 4 Earth 9 Heaven 4+8+12=24 and 9+18+27=54
Four directions give four values that come together to produce the 5th centre. Explanations in Pauls free online book- a must read.


PM-S said...

Absolutely profound insight. The turning of the wheel through the directions indeed has done the trick.

The way your investigation has played-out stands beyond all expectations one may have ever had, to link the most ancient mathematical images known to man, and combine them together with the modern is inspiring.

Blessing on your great work - Paul.

Burt said...

Wow Thank you so much Paul for every-thing.
This truly is an honour.

Thanks for all of your wonderful help, there much more to come!

Nothing new under the Sun.
Hooray! ;)

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